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If you make decisions that impact your business INFORMA can help.  With its revolutionary offering of value-driven instrumentation and telemetry solutions the power of real-time monitoring and reporting is now easily within reach.  No longer must informatics require large capital outlays and specialists to install and maintain equipment.  Whether you’re simply looking for easy-to-deploy, inexpensive protective measures, or if you seek to optimize operations, INFORMA has a solution for you.


overfillSentinel™ is INFORMA’s newest product offering and provides basic high-level tank monitoring for as low as $9.99/month/tank.  overfillSentinel™ is a fully self-contained total solution and may be installed as a backup to an existing SCADA system.  Leveraging the global availability of satellite connectivity, overfillSentinel™ makes sense anywhere, is battery-powered, and provides real-time alerts when tank levels reach high-risk levels. Learn more.


INFORMA’s flagship line, SentinelLynk™ is a battery-powered, fully wireless instrumentation and telemetry solution that captures metrics such as tank levels, operating pressures and temperatures, air quality measurements, flows and equipment condition monitoring parameters.  Data is captured real-time and may be accessed from any computer or smart device.  Values that approach or exceed operational limits trigger alarms that are delivered as text message alerts.  We work with you to define an event escalation protocol that insures no notification is missed.  SentinelLynk™ is highly adaptable yet simple and robust. Learn more.


Camera images are invaluable for verifying activity from a remote location.  SentinelCapture™ automatically synchronizes still images from the site with detected events, such as a rapidly falling tank level or overpressure.  A fully-integrated component of INFORMA’s product offering, 24/7 surveillance of remote sites has never been simpler or more beneficial. Learn more.


Why fuss with maintaining servers, software patches or network uptime.  INFORMA does all of that for you and provides online tools and reports for accessing and studying your operating data.  Discover what so many other business leaders have discovered:  don’t waste your time as a system administrator.  Instead focus your attention on developing your business and leading it to success. Learn more.